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The 2020 SENSE.nano symposium was an exploration of sensing the body at all scales. From the level of cells, organs, and body systems to individuals and populations, this symposium, broken into three half-day webinars, highlighted the needs for new sensing technologies, showcased research and innovations, and presented the impact of these technologies.

Over a series of invited technical talks, panel discussions, presentations by MIT-launched startups, and a view into MIT research today with current graduate students, this event provided needs context and solution perspectives in the domains of sensing for the study of biology and for the care of humans in their environment.

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2020 Seminar Series Theme: Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)

A new monthly series for MIT students to discuss topics related to sensors, sensing systems, and sensing techniques. Each month, speakers will be invited to give a presentation followed by discussion and, in some instances, hands-on activities.

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Augmenting our natural senses

What could you do if you had 7 senses? 10 senses? More? What would you do with all of that information? How big would your brain need to be? How would you communicate what you feel?

Medical sensors on mannequin


Autonomous car cockpit


Weather station in verdant pastoral setting


Concept sensor used in flower farm to monitor moisture, pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sunlight in soil.


SENSE.nano is MIT.nano's first Center of Excellence, focusing on nano-enabled sensors and sensing systems.

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