May 18, 2023

The MIT.nano Immersion Lab hosted a half-day symposium focused on applications and approaches to ambient sensing and monitoring. This virtual event featured MIT faculty talks, student research presentations, and a live demo from inside the Immersion Lab. Ambient Sensing took the place of the 2023 SENSE.nano symposium, with a shorter and fully virtual format for greater accessibility. 

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2020 SENSE.nano Symposium image

IMMERSED: A seminar series by the MIT.nano Immersion Lab

The IMMERSED seminar series is an exploration into how immersive technology and new modalities for manipulating and understanding data are shaping innovations across science, engineering, and art. These events—a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and tutorials—offer a deep dive into a capability or set of capabilities at the MIT.nano Immersion Lab and how they can be applied to various fields. These seminars and the technology demonstrated are often related to sensors and sensing, including motion capture technology that tracks your location in space and wireless sensors that chart physiological measurements.

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Augmenting our natural senses

What could you do if you had 7 senses? 10 senses? More? What would you do with all of that information? How big would your brain need to be? How would you communicate what you feel?

Medical sensors on mannequin


Autonomous car cockpit


Weather station in verdant pastoral setting


Concept sensor used in flower farm to monitor moisture, pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sunlight in soil.


SENSE.nano is MIT.nano's first Center of Excellence, focusing on nano-enabled sensors and sensing systems.

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