Research Stories

A robot that can help you untangle your hair

Robotic arm equipped with a hairbrush helps with brushing tasks and could be an asset in assistive-care settings. 

Nano flashlight enables new applications of light

Design of miniature optical systems could lead to future cell phones that can detect viruses and more.

Josh McDermott seeks to replicate the human auditory system

Computer models that mimic humans’ extraordinary hearing abilities could improve treatments for hearing loss.

Robotic solution for disinfecting food production plants wins agribusiness prize

The MIT team’s project was one of seven pitched at the Rabobank-MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize competition.

Nanostructured device stops light in its tracks

MIT researchers develop compact on-chip device for detecting electric-field waveforms with attosecond time resolution.

Q&A: Vivienne Sze on crossing the hardware-software divide for efficient artificial intelligence

Her research focuses on more-efficient deep neural networks to process video, and more-efficient hardware to run applications.

“Colloidal gels,” ubiquitous in everyday products, divulge their secrets

Study explores the mechanical properties of these materials as they evolve from elastic gels to glassy solids.

Navigating beneath the Arctic ice

A team of MIT engineers has developed a navigational method for autonomous vehicles to navigate accurately in the Arctic Ocean without GPS.

New AI tool calculates materials’ stress and strain based on photos

The advance could accelerate engineers’ design process by eliminating the need to solve complex equations.

A better nasal swab for Covid-19 testing

MIT spinout OPT Industries uses novel additive manufacturing systems to create intricately-designed products.