Xuanhe Zhao

Xuanhe Zhao
Associate Professor
Noyce Career Development Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Xuanhe Zhao received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University in 2009, MS in Materials Engineering from University of British Columbia in 2006, and BE in Electrical Engineering from Tianjin University in 2003. Upon finishing a postdoctoral training in Biomedical Engineering at Harvard, in 2010, Dr. Zhao joint the faculty of Duke University and founded the Soft Active Materials Laboratory. In 2014, Dr. Zhao and his group moved to Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, where he is now an associate professor and Noyce Career Development Chair. Dr. Zhao is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, the ONR Young Investigator Award, and the Early Career Researchers Award from AVS Biomaterial Interfaces Division. He held the Hunt Faculty Scholar at Duke and d'Arbeloff Career Development Chair and Robert N. Noyce Career Development Professor at MIT.

Dr. Zhao’s current research goal is to understand and design soft materials that possess unprecedented properties and functions. His research has led to the design of extremely tough adhesive and biocompatible hydrogels and hydrogel-solid hybrids, discovery of new failure mechanisms in dielectric polymers, and controlled crumpling and unfolding of large-area 2D materials into functional nanostructures.