Research Stories

Spotting objects amid clutter

New approach quickly finds hidden objects in dense point clouds, for use in driverless cars or work spaces with robotic assistants.

Building the tools of the next manufacturing revolution

From industrializing 3-D printing to creating nanomaterials at scale, John Hart is reimagining the way things are made.

How to detect life on Mars

Scientists from the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes instrument team develop method to detect the tiniest traces of life on other planetary bodies.

Teaching artificial intelligence to connect senses like vision and touch

MIT CSAIL system can learn to see by touching and feel by seeing, suggesting future where robots can more easily grasp and recognize objects.

Algorithm tells robots where nearby humans are headed

A new tool for predicting a person’s movement trajectory may help humans and robots work together in close proximity.

Sensor-packed glove learns signatures of the human grasp

Signals help neural network identify objects by touch; system could aid robotics and prosthetics design.

Bringing human-like reasoning to driverless car navigation

Autonomous control system “learns” to use simple maps and image data to navigate new, complex routes.

This robot helps you lift objects — by looking at your biceps

CSAIL system can mirror a user's motions and follow nonverbal commands by monitoring arm muscles.

Mathematical technique quickly tunes next-generation lenses

“Metasurfaces” that manipulate light at tiny scales could find uses in cellphone lenses, smart-car sensors, and optical fibers.

Solution for remotely monitoring oil wells wins MIT $100K

MIT startup Acoustic Wells earned the grand prize at the annual entrepreneurship competition.