Research Stories

TESS takes initial test image

Exoplanet-seeking satellite developed by MIT swings by moon toward final orbit.

Plug-and-play diagnostic devices

Modular blocks could enable labs around the world to cheaply and easily build their own diagnostics.

Fundamental equations guide marine robots to optimal sampling sites

New principled approach helps autonomous underwater vehicles explore the ocean in an intelligent, energy-efficient manner.

Prize-winning projects promote healthier eating, smarter crop investments

Meal kits for “food deserts” and crowdsourced crop-pricing platform win Rabobank-MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize.

Calcium-based MRI sensor enables more sensitive brain imaging

System detects direct signals of neural activity; could reveal patterns underlying behavior.

Improving mid-infrared imaging and sensing

Artificial optical materials could allow cheaper, flatter, more efficient detectors for night vision and other uses.

Gauging the effects of water scarcity on an irrigated planet

Study projects likely impacts on food prices, bioenergy production, and deforestation.

For nuclear weapons reduction, a way to verify without revealing

New isotope-detection method could prove compliance but avoid divulging secrets.

Machine-learning system processes sounds like humans do

Neuroscientists train a deep neural network to analyze speech and music.

Simple, low-cost E. coli test wins MIT Water Innovation Prize

Nine student teams pitched solutions to global water issues at annual event.