Research Stories

Brain surgery training from an avatar

MIT.nano Immersion Lab works with AR/VR startup to create transcontinental medical instruction.

Smart glove teaches new physical skills

Adaptive smart glove from MIT CSAIL researchers can send tactile feedback to teach users new skills, guide robots with more precise manipulation, and help train surgeons and pilots.

Stitch3D is powering a new wave of 3D data collaboration

The company, founded by Clark Yuan MBA ’22, has developed a cloud platform that makes 3D data sharing, visualizing, and editing easy.

Play It Again, Spirio

A piano that captures the data of live performance offers the MIT community new possibilities for studying and experimenting with music

MIT researchers remotely map crops, field by field

The team used machine learning to analyze satellite and roadside images of areas where small farms predominate and agricultural data are sparse.

This ultrasound sticker senses changing stiffness of deep internal organs

The sticky, wearable sensor could help identify early signs of acute liver failure.

Safer skies with self-flying helicopters

Autonomous helicopters made by Rotor Technologies, a startup led by MIT PhDs, take the human out of risky commercial missions.

Technique could improve the sensitivity of quantum sensing devices

The method lets researchers identify and control larger numbers of atomic-scale defects, to build a bigger system of qubits.

Imaging method reveals new cells and structures in human brain tissue

A new microscopy technique that enables high-resolution imaging could one day help doctors diagnose and treat brain tumors.

Study: Smart devices’ ambient light sensors pose imaging privacy risk

The ambient light sensors responsible for smart devices’ brightness adjustments can capture images of touch interactions like swiping and tapping for hackers.