Research Stories

Gravitational-wave detectors start next observing run to explore the secrets of the universe

The next run will be the most sensitive search yet for gravitational waves.

Tiny diamond rotor could improve protein studies

A new way of machining microscale rotors from diamond crystal can enable ultrasensitive NMR devices for probing proteins and other materials.

Researchers use AI to identify similar materials in images

This machine-learning method could assist with robotic scene understanding, image editing, or online recommendation systems.

First-of-its-kind Indigenous immersive incubator gathers on MIT campus

Over the course of four days, Indigenous delegates collaborated on immersive technology with MIT community members.

Architectural heritage like you haven’t seen it before

“Ways of Seeing” project documents endangered Afghan heritage sites through digital imaging, virtual reality, and hand-drawn professional renderings.

Three MIT-led projects awarded MURI funding for 2023

Through the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, the US Department of Defense supports research projects in areas of critical importance to national defense.

Toward more flexible and rapid prototyping of electronic devices

FlexBoard is a flexible breadboard that enables rapid prototyping of objects with interactive sensors, actuators, and displays on curved and deformable surfaces.

Engineers design sutures that can deliver drugs or sense inflammation

The bioderived “smart sutures” could help patients heal after bowel resection or other types of surgery.

Using reflections to see the world from new points of view

A new computer vision system turns any shiny object into a camera of sorts, enabling an observer to see around corners or beyond obstructions.

Telling stories in space

Cagri Zaman uses immersive media to help people do everything from learning to play piano to learning how to handle heavy machinery.