Introducing Analog Devices’ digital health business and the role of sensors in medtech

Brendan Cronin
Director, Digital Healthcare Group at Analog Devices

2020 SENSE.nano Symposium
Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Opening keynote
1:05PM – 1:35PM EST

The growing diversity and complexity of healthcare systems brings with it a support challenge for clinicians and Medtech companies alike. This is particularly true within the emerging digital healthcare market, where the number of applications is growing rapidly, and the ecosystems are typically large and complex. Understanding these systems and aligning key sensor and interface technology is critical to driving growth in both existing and emerging applications.

This talk will provide insight into ADI’s healthcare business and share details on our version of digital health. Examples of new applications will be analyzed, focusing on key challenges and relevant sensor technology (e.g. nano-sensors for rapid point-of-care diagnostics and monitoring for disease management, smart sensor systems for synthetic biology, etc.). The talk will conclude with a discussion on future needs and initiatives needed to drive further adoption of digital health solutions.

Brendan graduated with a degree in Micro-Electronic Engineering from University College Cork, Ireland in 1998 and immediately started work with Analog Devices as a design engineer working on Integrated Circuits in deep submicron CMOS. In 2005, he joined the newly formed Automotive group and helped define and drive the group’s Powertrain strategy with a specific focus on non-contact sensors. In 2014, he joined the Healthcare Business Unit as Marketing and System Applications Director and helped shape the company’s vision and strategy for Digital Health and related applications. In 2019, he was asked to lead a new strategic initiative focused on ‘biosensors’ within the Digital Healthcare BU and today lead’s a cross-functional team focused on solving the industry’s toughest problems in Point-Of-Care Diagnostics, Synthetic Biology and Advanced Therapeutics. Brendan resides in Boston, MA with his wife and family.