About Us

SENSE.nano will be MIT.nano's first Center of Excellence, focusing on nano-enabled sensors and sensing systems. Nano sciences and technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to realize designs for, and scale manufacturing of, the sensors which will enable the grand visions of ubiquitous, unobtrusive, sensing — to provide previously unimaginable insight into the condition of the built and natural world — and to positively impact man, machine, and environment.    

Inexpensive, small, smart sensors enable local sensing capabilities vital to

  • individual health and wellness monitoring
  • autonomous vehicle operations
  • condition monitoring of machinery and infrastructure  

Massively distributed networks of inexpensive smart sensors enable large-scale, global, data collection important to

  • agriculture and water distribution
  • environmental monitoring 
  • disaster recovery
  • disease outbreak detection and intervention
  • supply chain operations
  • urban operations

MIT is poised to address the engineering, science, policy, and commercial challenges required to realize these grand ideas, to translate them to scale, and to positively impact society.